Single Storey Home Extensions in Aldershot and Hampshire

Single storey extensions are a cost-effective and easy way to unlock the potential of your home. From traditional to modern styles, we meet your needs and tastes. Home extensions come in different types and sizes and we, as extension builders, work with you to create personalised plans. Whether you need a bigger kitchen, a utility room or an office in Aldershot, we have the solution.
One of the main benefits of single storey extensions is that they often fall within permitted development. This makes it pretty quick and simple to get the space you need. As specialists, we make sure every project has relevant approvals and meets regulations.

Single Storey Styles

No matter the space you have available, there is an extension style to suit. Single storey home extensions can be built on any side of your property. However, there needs to be enough room and the structure shouldn’t impact your neighbours.
Rear Extension
This is the most popular style in Aldershot. Rear home extensions are perfect for expanding your kitchen or creating an open-plan space. We often build rear extensions with features such as bi-fold doors to link the inside to the garden.
If you’re after a socialising or dining area that is tailored to your lifestyle, a rear extension is the ideal choice. For examples of the spaces we create, have a look at our previous work.
Side-return extensions are generally smaller but still provide plenty of extra space. This style makes a notable difference to the size of your kitchen or living room, or it can create a whole new space.
Depending on how much room is available to the side of your property, we, as extension builders, can construct a dining room, utility room or living area.
To really get the most from your home, wraparound extensions are the way forward. This combines a rear and side extension to extend your space in two directions.
Wraparound home extensions are an ideal addition to renovations because they allow you to alter the layout of your ground floor.
As extension builders, we’re always happy to discuss your exact needs. Contact us today to discover the full range of services we offer in Aldershot and Hampshire.

Design of Home Extensions

When planning single and double storey extensions, we work with architects and structural engineers to provide high-quality work that meets your requirements. As extension specialists, we take into account:
• Natural & Artificial Lighting
• Access
• Fire Safety
• Doors & Windows
• Socket & Switch Placement
• Plumbing & Heating
• Storage
• Layout
Providing a completely personal service, every aspect of home extensions is designed around you.
To get started on home extensions in Aldershot and the neighbouring towns, call ConstrucTek Ltd today on 01252 265865.